An-Ni-Mal! Award.

Ooh!  Shiny!  Yoink!

Animal Award

Quackermole of the Frosted Legacy, where abounds silliness in spades, nominated me for the Spirit Animal Award*!  Thank you!  ^_^

Animal Award Acceptance Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page.
  • Post the award picture on your blog (image by ixot)
  • Write a short paragraph about yourself
  • Write about what your blog means to you
  • If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
  • Nominate 10 other lovely peoples!

The resident Fluffmeister is a 23-year-old recent university graduate.  She was given two bachelor degrees in mathematics and physics with a specialty in astrophysics, god knows why.  For some unfathomable reason, she’s choosing to go back to school for a master’s in mathematics!  Talk about crazy!  She adores cats, dogs and the idea of birds, while having some odd fascination with frogs.  She was raised Christian, converted to Atheism, and finally realized she just doesn’t care enough one way or another.  Meh.  (My mantra.)  In real life, she is often quoted saying, “Don’t even worry about it!  :D”

She writes a sims 3 legacy blog centered around the diabolical deeds of incredibly evil sims.  It looked like fun.  That’s why she’s doing it.  She should really finish captioning screenshots so she can go play generation 2.  >.>

If FluffyMao could be any animal, she’d probably go with a lazy house cat, because cat’s have no obligations and they give zero fucks.


As for an actual relateable animal, after a ridiculous amount of quizzes with varying degrees of accuracy (seriously, all those quizzes sucked and were completely stupid), she settled on the Coyote.


Apparently the spirit animal of the Coyote represents wisdom in trickery, adaptability, and not taking everything seriously, while being paradoxical.  All things are sacred, and yet nothing is sacred.  Damn.  Where have you been all my life*?

FluffyMao has been told she’s pretty adaptable.  She just figures that’s what happens when your entire life is uprooted every other year throughout the course of your childhood.  You learn to adapt.  Or you go cry in a corner.  Whichever.

She doesn’t think she’s especially wise, but apparently she gives good advice in roundabout ways.  Maybe that’s why she can never follow her own advice.

She doesn’t like taking things seriously.  She CAN.  And she DOES when it needs doing.  But she believes the world would be a better place if everyone loosened their britches a bit, so she tries to lead by example.  Because sometimes people have their panties in such a twist that it gets shoved up their asses and they need some friendly guidance.  ^_^

This choice of spirit animal has nothing whatsoever to do with Wile E Coyote.  Nope, nothing at all.  >.>


The Dysfunkshinul Legacy — a tongue-in-cheek ride of no fucks given by Gryffindork7.  Sorry man, I was in Slytherin.

The Rourke Epic Legacy — a legacy genetics melting pot by Somebodysangel13 that I only just started.  Already love!

The Freshman Legacy — a fun-filled patriarchy in good-old Sunset Valley!

The Loewe Legacy — an intriguing tale of a family of equestrians making it in Monte Vista

Eight Cicadas — an Immortal Dynasty challenge story that focuses on those grayer areas of morality

Sim Salad — An exploration of all the ways to kill a sim.  Quite educational!  😉

The Gordon Legacy — starts with an irresistible witch!  What’s not to like?  🙂

The Maitland Round-Robin Legacy — there’s a mouthful!  A legacy passed around some simmers from Boolprop.  Check it!

As Far as the World Goes — a sims 3 comic book absolutely packed with drama and intrigue.  Amazing.  Just amazing.

Legacies of the Sims — a very interesting tale of a young orphaned girl.  Veeeery interesting.  Beware the Sims 4.

.*: I made a whole spiel about the issues surrounding the title of this award over on my other blog, so feel free to read there if you’re interested in my non-conformist opinion.  XD

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