1.24 – Another Day Older

1.24 - pic1

You’re adorable.

Moriarty: I know.

1.24 - pic2

Such sweet innocence.

May you never know what your parents get up to.

1.24 - pic3

One last youthful woohoo…

1.24 - pic4

…before Max is forced to lose any good looks he ever had.

1.24 - pic5

Max: Let’s just get this over with.

1.24 - pic6

Of course we throw a party! And we throw it at the Casino! Because we’re masochistic. :/

1.24 - pic7

The party hasn’t even started and we’ve already got drinkers!

Don’t you think you’re a little young to become an alcoholic?

Rosie: Only one way to find out!

Max: Rosaline. What are you doing?

1.24 - pic8

Rosie: I have to deal with people! Get off my case!


Max! Do something!

1.24 - pic9

Max: You want something done?! Fine! You’re becoming an alcoholic, Rosaline! Do NOT drink or the minion will never shut up!

That’s not what I meant.

Rosie: But…juice?

1.24 - pic10

It is only with “juice” in hand that father and daughter can begin to cope with the idiocy that is the rest of the human race.

1.24 - pic11

Lili: Oh goody! My mother’s gambling away my inheritance!

*sigh* I think I need a drink.

1.24 - pic12

In case you didn’t already notice, the party goes down at the Lucky Simoleon Casino, way over on the other side of town.

1.24 - pic13

Lots of people show up. So many regrets already.

1.24 - pic14

People brought their kids to this place?! You poor thing!

Mary: Nah, I’m good! 😀

1.24 - pic15

The Minion eventually pulls Max away from the bar long enough to blow out some candles.

1.24 - pic16

Rosie: Woo! Dad’s getting old! That much closer to a funeral!

Blond boy: Is that my future father-in-law? Must keep smiling!

1.24 - pic17

With the women of his life cheering him on, Max ages.

1.24 - pic18

Max: Oh no! I shall be old! Near death! And an heir hasn’t been chosen to carry on my quest of world domination!

Shhh! We’ll get to that!

1.24 - pic19

And we have Ancient Founder! 😀

1.24 - pic20

I have to admit it, Max aged pretty well. Still got the rather severe, kill-you-in-your-sleep charm going on, but overall not bad.

Max: I abhor you.

I know. Now go talk to Kitty! Chop chop!

1.24 - pic21

It’s a very serious question Max has to ask.

1.24 - pic22

Yes. That question.

Max: Would you consider returning to mortal form, my dear?

1.24 - pic23

Kitty: Darling, I only ever became a vampire for you!

You did throw the bottle, Max.

Max: Be silent.

1.24 - pic24

For Max, and Max alone, Kitty gives up vampirism.

Kitty: For you, my darling.

1.24 - pic25

Then she’s aged up to match Max.

Kitty: I’m human. And old!!

1.24 - pic26

Max: And yet still sexy as all hell.

Kitty: Oh, you!

While Kitty and Max dance their old bones silly, the girls are doing a bit of socializing.

1.24 - pic27

Rosie works on her old pal Isaiah. When they became friends, I don’t know.

Isaiah: Just keep smiling. It can smell fear!

1.24 - pic28

And Lili butters up his younger brother, Anton. Both boys are Darleen Dreamer’s son.

Lili: Hi! I’m Lili, and I like everything! 😀

Anton: That’s nice.

At some point, the party ends and the boys try to flee. But we don’t let them. >:)

1.24 - pic29

Things go pretty well for Rosie!

1.24 - pic30

Not even talk of a girlfriend slows her down!

Rosie: As if! Am I evil, or am I evil?! *breaks them up*

1.24 - pic31

Rosie: Kiss me or I’ll break both your legs.

Isaiah: Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, don’t think ABOUT IT!

O_O I’m gonna go check on Lili.

1.24 - pic32

Lili: I think he likes me! 😀

He just might.

1.24 - pic33

Unfortunately, he also likes someone else.

1.24 - pic34

And, it might be just a feeling, but I don’t think Lili can break them up. Just a feeling.

Anton: Leanna is my sunshine!

Lili: Oh…okay.

Unfortunately, after the party ends and every Diabolical is accounted for back at the house, we get this:

1.24 - pic35

Isaiah aged up. This may pose a problem.

1.24 - pic36

Or not!

Fuck parties. I’m tired of parties and unknown guests that never leave. We’ll pick it up again for Moriarty’s young adult birthday.

1.24 - pic37

Mori: Finally! I’m going to be a teenager and all the readers can vote for me!

Not quite, young man!

1.24 - pic38

Moriarty goes first. And, for some reason, Lili and Rosie run off. Goddamnit. At least his elderly parents are there to show their support.

1.24 - pic39

Kitty: I’m not sure he’s quite got it.

Shhh. Leave him be.

1.24 - pic40

Damn. You’re cute! O_O Legit cute! Didn’t think Max had it in him!

1.24 - pic41

Moriarty rolled Angler to go along with Brave Evil Genius. Maybe he’s collecting fish to be his minions…I have no idea.

1.24 - pic42

Next up is Lili. Doesn’t she look fetching?

Lili: This time. This time I’ll be the prettier sister!

1.24 - pic43

The candles will choose.

Lili: Is that a riddle?


1.24 - pic44

Lili: I’m finally going to be an adult! I’ll get my Life-Time Wish and get a husband and have babies and live happily ever after! 😀

And who knows! Maybe you’ll actually become evil too!

1.24 - pic45

Lili: Time for all my dreams to come true!

Rosie: Are the sparkles deadly? Tell me the sparkles are deadly!

1.24 - pic46

Lili: I feel awesome! 😀

Rosie: *uncontrollable laughter*

What’s so funny?

1.24 - pic47

Minion: *uncontrollable laughter*

Lili rolled Unstable. This makes her an Easily Impress, Excitable, Friendly, Excitable, Unstable Diabolical. This is quite interesting.

Of course, there’s only one LTW fit for an unstable, evil sim.

1.24 - pic48

Yes. ALL of Lili’s dreams are coming true. I love how the family’s already laid claim to this LTW.

1.24 - pic49

Since Rosie’s getting ansty, we’ll proceed.

Rosie: Hell yeah, I’m getting antsy! I’m gonna be an adult! I’m getting outta here! So long suckers!

1.24 - pic50

Rosie: No more school, no tests to ace! No more Lili’s stupid face!

Actually, even if you’re not voted heir, you’re sticking around to finish your LTW. That’s a whole point!

1.24 - pic51

Rosie: What?!

1.24 - pic52

To go with her slobbish, yet total foodie ways, Rosie rolls Angler. I’ll accept that.

1.24 - pic53

She’s kinda cute, in an androgynous kind of way.

For some reason, Rosie and Lili look very tall to me. All leg and flat chest, despite their mother’s rather generous endowments.

1.24 - pic54

I was hoping this LTW would come up! I’ve never actually gotten the magical fridge, but I’ve heard lots about it. I want it!

That’s it! We’re all caught up! I’ll throw up an heir poll in a few days, and it’ll probably be up for a week or two.

Thanks for reading! ^_^


    1. Mori definitely get the better end of the genetics stick. But I don’t think Lili & Rosie turned out too bad. Mori might be a face clone of Kitty, I’m not entirely sure. But the girls definitely are a mix!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Max still looks very diabolical even as elder. Kitty surprised me. Not every vampire would give up immortality for dying old by the side of their loved ones. I really had to laugh at this:
    ‘Dad’s getting old! That much closer to a funeral!’ Just LOL 😀

    Moriarty grew up to be a handsome young man (not that I didn’t expect that). So I guess there’s no doubt he’ll win the heir poll 😉

    Darleen’s genetics will be (maybe) part of the family tree after all. It’s great that two sisters date two brothers. Luckily, they’re not all identical. That’d be a mess, hehe.

    Btw, did you say… MAGICAL fridge? o.O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Max/Kitty for LIFE! ❤

      Mori definitely grew into his looks well. He might be a clone of Kitty, but he's a handsome clone. 😉

      Yeah! If you max out the culinary career you get a fridge. And the fridge is really special and keeps things from going bad or something. Hence, MAGICAL! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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