1.23 – She Sparkles in the Evening

Last time, on this strange blog you devote your time to reading, the dark prince Moriarty grew into an adorable child, romantic endeavors were had by sisters Lili and Rosie, neither particularly successful, and it was decided that there are too many god damn cats!

1.23 - pic1

In today’s session, it’s announced that Max and Kitty have survived an entire year of marriage. Despite having two teenaged daughters…*sigh*

1.23 - pic2

Max and Kitty celebrate their anniversary in the time honored tradition of working parents everywhere: they sleep in.

In a rebellion to the norm, their children are already up and about.

1.23 - pic3

Moriarty didn’t even get to bed until the sun was peaking over the desert horizon. But after a short nap, it’s back to singing to his imaginary friend. Such a trooper.

1.23 - pic4

Lili corners the maid in her twin’s bedroom and holds him hostage chats for several hours before she’s reminded that there are more eligible men she should be wooing.

1.23 - pic5

Rosie’s sequestered away in the basement. Watching a cat.

1.23 - pic6

A cat that’s watching the beetles.

1.23 - pic7

Oh yeah! This is the family’s burgeoning bug collection. There’s a Cockroach, a Honeypot Ant, a Trilobite Beetle, a Rainbow Beetle, a Cerambyx Beetle and a Stag Beetle, so far. All courtesy of Nikita, who’s maxed her Hunting skill and is working on the associated skill challenges.

1.23 - pic8

Rosie remains in the basement for the rest of the day. At least she chats up the townie boys.

Rosie: Yeah, dude, I’m laying low for a while. Just until the twerp and bimbo leave. Nah, they’re already gone. Anniversary or some shit. Yup.

1.23 - pic9

And indeed, Max and Kitty eventually make it out of the house. After the customary shower woohoo, of course. They grab lunch at the swanky restaurant Rosie crashed last chapter. It’s raining, so they eat inside.

1.23 - pic10

Max only has eyes for his classy lady.

1.23 - pic11

In other news, Darleen and Darren Dreamer are apparently as cute a couple as they’ve ever been. It’s kind of sweet how long they’ve stayed together. Usually SP marriages in my games last about as long as the typical celebrity marriage. I think they’ve got five or six kids now.

1.23 - pic12

Max: How dare they attempt to serve me subpar edibles! Do they have any idea who I am?!

Max, it was one limp lettuce leaf.

Max: Unacceptable!

1.23 - pic13

Somehow, that gets him an award and $500…is there no justice in the world?!

But it’s okay, since it more than covers the cost of the swanky place. Cactus Bistro, I think it’s called. Beautiful views.

1.23 - pic14

And he gets a discount?!

Max: But of course.

1.23 - pic15

No shame, these two.

1.23 - pic16

At some point, while the sun is still out, they make it down to the theatre. There’s no movie yet, so they just tour the theatre. They were already flirty and one thing lead to another, and, well…

1.23 - pic17

No. Shame.

1.23 - pic18

Now this, right here, is timeless love. Twilight ain’t got nothing on this shit!

1.23 - pic19


After a hearty round in the theatre, Max and Kitty head for the Oasis, only the classiest joint in all of Lucky Palms.

Max: This is nice. Veeeery nice. Hehehehehe!

Kitty: Darling, do sit down.

They promptly do their best to get absolutely hammered.

1.23 - pic20

The bartender’s actually pretty good. Minion and Masters watch in rapt fascination.

1.23 - pic21

Holy shit! Max! She’s setting the glass on FIRE! With a BLOWTORCH!!

Max: How interesting.

1.23 - pic22

Kitty: Give me alcohol *stares into soul*

Bartender: Are—are you sure?

Max: *slams back drink*

1.23 - pic23

Kitty: Alcohol now and I won’t use my fame and fortune to give you a bad review.

Max: This beverage is delicious!

1.23 - pic24

Kitty’s drink is red, fizzy and accompanied by a cute little heart on a stick. Interesting.

Max and Kitty pass several hours drinking. The best part?

1.23 - pic25

They’re getting paid to.  XD

1.23 - pic26

That’s your fifth…Aristocratic Gimlet. Don’t you think its time to stop?

Max: Tomorrow I must return to a life of teenaged girls squealing about cute boys and my son who is convinced his doll is real. Let me have this now.

Damn dude!

1.23 - pic27

Kitty! Help him!

Kitty: No, I believe my dear is right. This drink appears to be on fire.

Max: What was that?

What was what?

1.23 - pic28

Kitty: Did you feel that dear?

Max: Yes. A disturbance in the world.


1.23 - pic29

Oh. Damn. Way to kill the mood, dude!

Lennon Sosa was one of Max’s first celebrity friends, if you remember way back when. First was Ramon Tanner. They both attended Max’s wedding to Kitty.

1.23 - pic30

Like true Diabolicals, Max and Kitty keep drinking and ignore any encroaching death.

Back home, everyone’s asleep.

1.23 - pic31

1.23 - pic32

1.23 - pic33

Not necessarily in their own beds.

1.23 - pic34

The anniversary date ends up going very well for our founding couple.

1.23 - pic35

And it’s confirmed that Max has eyes for no other woman than Kitty! *Minion swoons*

Thank for reading!  ^_^


    1. I think the Dreamers are that couple that are always doing something sickeningly cute and probably embarrassing to their kids. Like making kissy faces in the grocery store. In a sim world where everyone’s breaking up every time I turn around, this is amazingly refreshing. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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