1.18 – Birthdays!

So, what happened last week? Um…we had a bunch kittens from Nikita and Dinah…and I’m already considering breeding the two together  >.<  Um…oh! A nd we got a baby boy vampire!  And he was aging up!  Let’s watch!

1.18 - pic1

Sparkles galore.

1.18 - pic2

OMG! He’s a ginger! *squeals happily*

1.18 - pic3

Moriarty: Nope! You’re just blind! 😀

O_O I don’t even care. He’s adorable. It looks like he takes mostly after Kitty, but with Max’s eye color. I don’t know where that hair color came from though! It’s not anything saved in CAS, and both parents are pre-mades so it can’t be from a grand-parent. Right now, I’m thinking of it as what you get when you blend red with black.

Isn’t he just angelic though?!

1.18 - pic4

Moriarty: Minion says I’m in the running for heir now, but really? Is there any competition? I have Daddy’s money and Mama’s good looks! You should just declare me heir!

1.18 - pic5

Moriarty: Here comes the smolder.

Minion: *puddle of goo on the floor*

1.18 - pic6

And he skills autonomously!

Moriarty: *intense concentration*

1.18 - pic7

But still makes time for his dear friend, Irene, who he loves and cheri—what are you doing?! O_O

1.18 - pic8

Moriarty: Practithing.

Well, okay then.

That’s Kitty in the background, about to max her Painting skill. She’s given the legacy three children and two sets of founder portraits.

1.18 - pic9

Here’s the first set. Notice that Kitty is still very human in hers.

1.18 - pic10

And here’s the second. Kitty’s eyes look like fire! So pretty! The portraits are still a bit woobly, but they’re better than the first set so we’ll call ‘em good. AKA, Minion has no patience.

Speaking of patience, sometimes it pays off!

1.18 - pic11

Max tops the Business career by being promoted to Power Broker! Woot!

Not everything can be so easy, though.

Max has been trying to max Charisma for a while now, with no success. As a last resort, Minion and Master are off to the library for some super-fast skilling, just like the good old days.

And who should we spy there but an old flame!

1.18 - pic12

Darleen Matlapin! Ahem, my apologies, Darleen Dreamer. An adult now, and mother of four, but still as lovely as Day 1!

1.18 - pic13

She seems a bit hung up on Max, who can’t be bothered with her existence. You had your chance Darleen! Why’d you have to be rich! T_T

We’re quite happy with our legacy spouse. She’s a warm mother and a classy lady.

1.18 - pic14

Now if only she’d pass down her coloring. >.<

1.18 - pic15

Deciding that his girls have earned enough “tough love”, Max makes the call to bring them home.

1.18 - pic16

He then promptly throws them a Welcome Home/Birthday party. Because every Diabolical milestone must have a party.

1.18 - pic17

The girls, on the other hand, sit down for some catching up…with each other. >.<

As its their last day as children, I’ll indulge them.

1.18 - pic18

We have a few early birds, but we’ll forgive them as they’re teenage boys, and thus relevant to the continuation of the legacy. Maybe? The party starts as 3 pm on the dot. Enjoy Dinah and Nikita renewing their friendship over an interest in dogs.

1.18 - pic19

Darleen Dreamer showed up with a few of her kids, all conveniently the right age for all of the Diabolical kids. That little one on the left is Anton Dreamer. Master Controller says he’s due to age up soon, so the girls will attend high school with him.

1.18 - pic20

The left one is Isaiah Dreamer. He’s (obviously) a teenager, and a recently aged-up one as well. The right one is little Mary Dreamer, just recently grown into a toddler. Gosh darnit, we WILL have Darleen’s cute genetics!

Then it’s time for the twins to grow into beautiful young ladies! At least, young ladies. >.>

1.18 - pic21

Lili: Will I be cute?

Darling, you’re already cute!

Rosie: That’s a no.

1.18 - pic22

As elder twin, Lilianna sparkles first.

Lili: Just you wait! I’ll be the cuter twin!

1.18 - pic23

I don’t think she’s too wrong. Lili rolled Easily Impressed to go with Excitable, Friendly and Evil. I think Dinah now has competition for least evil Diabolical! XD

1.18 - pic24

And here’s her makeover picture. Since she’s Friendly & Excitable, I’m picturing her as kind of a girly-girl, loves dresses and shopping with friends. And she IS kinda cute! Kitty’s nose and mouth do wonders on Max’s face.

1.18 - pic25

Max: My daughter is adorable!

Lili: Told you I’d be cute!

Rosie: Crap.

1.18 - pic26

Then its Rosie’s turn!

Rosie: Wait! I’m not ready!

Lili: She won’t be as cute as me. Right? Right?!

Macavity: Bitch, please.

1.18 - pic27

Rosie rolls Natural Cook as her new trait. So that makes her an evil foodie that loves the heat and hates cleaning. Interesting.

1.18 - pic28

Rosie’s makeover pic! She’s dressed in fruits and fire from Natural Cook and Loves the Heat, but as she’s a slob, there’s lots of not-caring going on in her wardrobe. Food inspired patterns, anybody know of any?

1.18 - pic29

Our two teenage girls! Please ignore Rosie’s arms, the patten mysteriously changes in the next two seconds.

1.18 - pic30

Marisol: Your daughter’s pretty great!

Max: But she has left several plates of cake all over the living room!

No, that was Rosie. Frickin’ Slobs! >.<

1.18 - pic31

What’s this?! Hearts?!

1.18 - pic32

Lili: Do you think he’s thinking about me?!


1.18 - pic33

His name is Jeremy Shaw and I love his eyes. A cutey overall, who Lili is totally checking out there in the background. Can’t say I blame her. Who doesn’t love a young man in a tux?

1.18 - pic34

While Lili’s introducing herself to Darleen’s sons, Rosie gets prodded over to Mr. Shaw.

Rosie: So, uh, you think this party needs a disco ball?

Jeremy: Uh, sure. Where’d your sister go?

Needless to say, sparks do NOT fly.

Meanwhile, Isaiah Dreamer falls over Lili as well, but the Minion was a bumbling fool and x-ed out the message.

1.18 - pic35

The party was a grand success, both in terms of guest satisfaction and potential-spouse scouting. Lili’s got at least two potential beaus, and we’ll have prom determine Rosie’s fate later.

Young Moriarty was asleep in his crib for most of the party, but someone let him out at some point and we got this little notification:

1.18 - pic36

Yes! Imaginary Friends! 😀

1.18 - pic37

And confirmation that rocking chairs are indeed traps for the elderly. Interesting.

1.18 - pic38

In other news, both girls have somehow already completed a skill challenge!

And also!  The family has breached its first $100000!  The score sheet has been updated accordingly!

Next time, on the Diabolical Legacy! Kitty returns to work and the twins attend their first day of public school!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


    1. The girls turned out a lot better than I originally thought they would! So, pleased!

      And isn’t Moriarty just! I could only think of one villain when he turned out to be a boy. :/ I was so excited when he rolled Genius as a a trait. He’ll be a legit Evil Genius! XD

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Awww… Moriarty is just… awww ❤ If there's gonna be a heir poll, you know who I'm gonna vote for! Darleen Dreamer has already 4 kids? Wow! Little Mary is a cutie… I believe Moriarty would put his Irene doll aside for her… *dreams about childhood love that will last forever*

    Look at the twins! They look just like their Daddy… well almost. I haven't expected them to be so attractive! 😀 That picture of Lily checking out the boy was really funny… or rather evilly funny, hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Actually, mutations exist in Sims 3 😕 I know right? I only figured out recently when my sister got a BLOND haired kid from black&red haired parents. It’s like a 10% chance so maybe what happened? idk. Anyway I really like this family and MORIARTY. SO CUTE. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I thought it was interesting too. It makes sense though considering I once had 2 blonde parents but I think only ONE child had blonde hair! They had like five kids too! But anyways I didn’t really think you’d reply, but thank you! Your legacy is so fun to read and all the children are so great with pretty lucky traits! I’m very UNLUCKY with traits. (though the reason for this may be because I only have ONE EP and it’s a stuff one) sorry for the long comment!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for your kind words! :3 I try to respond to every comment (not always successful), but I read them all and adore each and every one! ^_^

        And don’t worry about long comments! I’m guilty of a few novels myself. 😉


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