1.16 – Good-bye Children, Hello…?!

I’m terribly sorry for dropping this legacy with no word.  I just wasn’t feeling motivated to play or write the Diabolicals.  Life swept away with me, then there was meeting with advisors, then finals, then FINALLY winter break!  And I found other games to play for a bit.  Like Undertale (highly recommend) and Hammerwatch (again, really recommend) and Pokemon HeartGold Nuzlocke Challenge…so very many tears were shed…T.T

Anyway,  I’m back.  At least, I think.  The game threw me a curve ball today when I loaded it up…then it sucker-punched me for good measure.  Stay tuned!


Max: I refuse to respond to your inane question for attention.

1.16 - pic00

Whatevs…but what’s that in your wish panel…? NO!

1.16 - pic1

Max: Yes.


Max: Yes!

…fine! ;_;

And like that, Lilianna was shipped off to boarding school. As to keep it even, so was her twin.

Then this happened.

1.16 - pic2

And then quite a lot of this

1.16 - pic2

Followed by this.

1.16 - pic3

And then this.

1.16 - pic5

Chimes were not heard.

Let’s do the Time-Warp! XD

So, one day they were young.

1.16 - pic6

The next…

1.16 - pic7

…they were gone.

1.16 - pic8

And then stuff happened. Like THIS:

1.16 - pic9

And this

1.16 - pic10

And this

1.16 - pic11

You feeling okay Kitty?

1.16 - pic12

Kitty: Blargnjlndsuf!

Hmmm…I think that’s everything…could I be forgetting something…?

1.16 - pic13

I’ll be attempting to get back into a schedule soon.  I might make Mondays my Diabolicals update day.

I again apologize for the extreme length of time I vanished.  Here, have cute kitties!

1.16 - pic14

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


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