1.15 – Birthday Girls!

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a happy Thanksgiving Day!  I sure did!  Stayed home all day, relaxing all morning, then helped my boyfriend cook Thanksgiving Dinner.  “My helping” mostly means I washed dishes as he used them and occasionally cut veggies, while he did all the actual cooking and baking since I’m hopeless in the kitchen.  XD

Anyway!  Next chapter!



What are you doing with Rosie?


1.15 - pic1

“I’ll miss my baby!  *sobs*”

O_O  There…there?

“One more.”

One more…what?

“Spare!  Of course!  If anything happens to the girls I need to be sure my dominion stays in the family!”

*Minion spluttering, please feel free to ignore*

“Or a cat.  You’re choice.”

*more Minion spluttering*

“Darling, why don’t you call for pizza?”  Kitty gently takes the confused Rosie from her father.

1.15 - pic2

Please ignore the stairs, they shall be explained in due time.  >.>

“My dear, sweet little girl!  You shall be just as talented and devilish as your father!”  Kitty sweeps up Lili for one last snuggle.

The first guests are here!  O_O  Yolanda’s gonna need a heated seat!

1.15 - pic3

Oh, you are adorable!  Pity I need boys.

1.15 - pic4

Since this is still generation 1, the Diabolicals celebrate the growth of their children with a mass celebration. Kitty deeps fries some greasy goodness for the guests, while the Minion scouts out potential mates.

1.15 - pic5

*Potential Mate Scouting Ensuing*
You’re interesting.

1.15 - pic6

Nope.  We want babies at some point.

1.15 - pic7

Ooo!  A little chubby, but you’re a cutey!  But mind your elders!

1.15 - pic8

Poor fashion sense, but we’ll keep an eye on you.

1.15 - pic9


1.15 - pic10

Er…looks a bit too much like his dad…if you remember, Ariel Hudson was Max’s first nemesis…Ah, good times!

1.15 - pic11

*Potential Mate Scouting has Ended*

Birthday girls!  I’m so happy!  T_T

“I as well!”

1.15 - pic12

Why are you so happy?!  I thought you didn’t want them to grow up!

“No more dirty diapers!”

Kitty takes both girls to their cakes, since Max is too busy cackling on the other side of the wall.

1.15 - pic13

Lili goes first.

1.15 - pic14

Followed swiftly by Rosie.

1.15 - pic15

Upon reaching the child age, the twins are both gifted with the Evil trait, as befitting a Diabolical.


1.15 - pic16

You’re not Max-clones!  OMG!  Look!  They have their dad’s face, eyes and skin color, but their mom’s nose and lips!  Genetic diversity!  Woo!

Hmm?  What?

1.15 - pic17

“Must I explain the current state of the house?!”

Oh, yeah!  The stairs!

In celebration of the twins becoming actually people and not just stink-&-noise makers, I added onto the house!  Check it out!  ^_^

A proper dining table.

1.15 - pic18

New lights, but otherwise the kitchen is the same.

1.15 - pic19

Art and baby area (not for long though).

1.15 - pic20

The master bedroom hasn’t changed but to have the attached nursery turn into a master bathroom, so we’ll move upstairs.

This is Lili’s room.

1.15 - pic21

And this is Rosie’s room.

1.15 - pic22

They share a bathroom.

1.15 - pic23

There’s plenty of empty space upstairs for further renovations, as well as another cat area.

1.15 - pic24

I’ve updated the Legacy House to include overviews of the remodeled house, as well as the family pages.  I’ve also added a few more pages under Random, where I get lots, mods, cc, and some Diabolical downloads.  So go check those out!

And with that, I bid you farewell!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. Awww I LOVE the twins rooms! Also hello! You might remember me lol. I’m just popping by to catch up with all your stuff because I miss your simmies!! And wowza I didn’t think they had any Kitty genes, but that’s awesome! They’re cuties.

    Liked by 1 person

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