1.14 – We’re Back!

Hi!  I’m back!  Haven’t given up on the Diabolical Legacy, just…life mugged me, let’s put it that way.  >.>

But we’re back!  And ready to make you laugh…or cry in disappointment, whichever.  This chapter is mostly me getting reaquainted with my sims, since it’s been a while.  And I got a surprise at the end!  ^_^

In previous episodes of the Diabolical Legacy, Max Diabolical, our Founder, took Lucky Palms by force, adopted two female cats, Dinah & Nikita, wooed and wed his love, Kitty Price, had two adorable…ish daughters, Lilianna and Rosaline Diabolical, and completed his LifeTime Wish.  Oh, and he turned his wife into a vampire because…reasons.  So, Max now has a large, legacy…ish house, has completed his LifeTime Wish and is all set to hand over his kingdom to his heir.

“No!  I am most certainly NOT!”

1.14 - pic1

Max!  You’re ruining my recap!  😡

“The girls barely have their bowels under control!  I am NOT letting them rule my dominion just yet!”


Max and Kitty?  Still as disturbingly cute as always.

1.14 - pic2

The cats?  Unbelievably cute, as always.

1.14 - pic3

And fierce!  Of course!  O_O

And what about the girls?  The next generation?  The heirs to the Diabolical Empire?  They’re adorabolical…as always! ^_^

1.14 - pic4

While Kitty and Max are out making money (or just making out, whichever the case may be), the girls spend all day like that.

I love the playpen!  Best.  Buy!  EVER!  😀


1.14 - pic5

Oh, don’t worry, Dinah!  You’re still Best Girl!  😀

Herpa-derp, just spying on the town while the parents work….derpa-der—Oooo!  Darleen babies!  Hmmm…

1.14 - pic6

And that useless babysitter is ignoring the twins and leaving plates of putrid deep fried food all over the place!  😡  I can’t wait for the girls to age up!

Kitty is promoted to Key Grip.  She’s in Acting, if you need reminding…I didn’t.  Nope!  >.>

1.14 - pic7

Oh!  Already?!

1.14 - pic8

Well…well, well, well…Goodbye stupid babysitter!  >:D

1.14 - pic9

Join us next time for actual advancement!  And maybe a birthday or two… XD

Thanks for reading!  And happy holidays!  ^_^


  1. Glad to see an update! Not much has changed since the last time, but the girl’s B-day party is at the doorstep. Yay! I’m really curious if they will look like Max and also, how is their Daddy going to decide which one will be the heir 🙂

    Oh look, the Dreamers! And their family is expanding! I can’t tell from the little picture, but the toddler dressed in pink is a boy, right? Did you get to know his name by any chance?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the toddler is a boy, so is the blond kid. The child is Isaiah, the toddler is Anton, and the baby is Starla.

      Sorry that took so long to do. :/ I meant to grab that family tree a LONG time ago, because you asked, but it kept slipping my mind and then life got hectic and I forgot. So I’m sorry!

      I’ll be getting back into a schedule soon. Sorry there was such a wait for this chapter! I didn’t have much time to play recently (more than the past few weeks but still not a lot), so there wasn’t much to put into this chapter. but I’m really excited to see the girls as children! Yay! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries, I know what you mean by hectic life – we’re pretty much in the same situation.

        Thanks for the info on the Dreamers, I secretly hoped that the boy would be Dirk like in the Sims 2. Maybe I’ll start a game in Lucky Palms myself and see what happens 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If you want, I can rename the toddler to “Dirk”. Anton’s not that exciting a name anyway. Maybe that’s just me, I’ve got a lot of Anton & Antwon men in another save. Though be warned, he might end up as a spouse to one of the girls. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. If you like the name better and want to somehow recreate the Dreamers from TS2, do it 😉 (Btw, Darleen is deceased at the start of the game, she must have died before Dirk’s teen birthday or during his birthday (!), the cause could be the faulty birthday cake, because she died by fire).

        Marrying Dirk to one of the girls is a great idea (if he’s cute enough when he grows up, of course) because then the Dreamer family would be part of your family tree and it would also make sense to other people who follow your story and read all of the Dreamer gossip, lol…. Btw, random stalking of neighbors is fun in any case! I remember that there was an option ‘stalk neighbors’ or something like that when you clicked on the telescope during the day in the Sims 2. I stalked Mortimer Goth once and he came to my house complaining, doing some angry dance or slapping my Sim’s face. Oh, such sweet memories… 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. “Stalk neighbors?!” XD That’s pretty much what I do when all of my sims are busy. More than a few times I chased after mailmen or paperboys just to see where they lived.

        I never played the Sims 2, but I was thinking about changing the Dreamer toddler’s name anyways if he became a friend or something. I really am sick of the name Anton. I probably would’ve used that Behind the Name randomizer website, but Dirk works just as well. 🙂

        “Deceased?!” 😦 I hope my Darleen doesn’t die! She’s too pretty to die! T_T Oh! And they’ve got ANOTHER kid on the way. I swear, they breed like rabbits! XD

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Gossip, gossip, gossip 😀

        Talking about your stalking skill – have you found out where they live? I have been wondering if the townies and NPC’s have an actual home. Boh. Maybe they are homeless and sleep on the bench in the park…

        Liked by 1 person

      6. They seem to just disappear into random houses. I’ve seen them enter some houses where my sims know people, but when I check the map tags, it never shows the NPC, just the people that live there. *shrugs* Tis a mystery.

        Liked by 1 person

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