On Hiatus

This sucks to say, but the Diabolical Legacy is taking the back burner for a while.  Lucky Palms is messing up my game, and I don’t want to move towns on my first go at the legacy challenge.

I’ll try the legacy challenge again at some point.  Maybe I’ll try it out in Sunset Valley soon, but this particularly story is shutting down for a while.

If anyone’s interested, I will be continuing my other sims blog:  The Mayfields, a Sims 3 story.  It’s not any kind of challenge, just my first sims 3 family ever, continuing through the generations.  That game’s fine; it’s just Lucky Palms is bugged for me.

If I can fix up the save, I’ll continue this.  If not, I’ll probably just delete this blog.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for reading.


    1. You and me both! 😉 Hopefully I’ll get Lucky Palms to work. I’ve been going through all the objects in the town and my problem might be related to the casino items. Fingers crossed I’ll figure it out!

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